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The Pillar of Bow Valley Branch Will Dearly be Missed

November 8th 2019

On Tuesday October 29, 2019, a veteran volunteer of the Bow Valley Branch passed away peacefully.  Therese (Terry) Colborne was with Navy League since the mid 1990’s.  Her two sons Jeff and Brendan joined to NLCC John A. Hamilton and RCSCC Calgary.  Like the boys, Terry also became involved with   ▸

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Poppy Campaign

October 24th 2019

Every year, from the last Friday of October to November 11, tens of millions of Canadians wear a Poppy as a visual pledge to honour Canada’s Veterans and remember those who sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today. While the Poppy is distributed freely to all who wish to wear   ▸

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Regional Sea Cadet Regatta 2019

September 26th 2019

We are pleased to report a highly successful Regional Sea Cadet Regatta this past weekend in Calgary, AB. Weather conditions were beautiful and competition was at an all-time high as a fleet. Introducing the 2019 Northwest Sail Team that will represent Northwest Region at the National Sea Cadet Regatta 2020 in   ▸

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National Regatta Clothing

September 11th 2019

A message from Lt(N) / Ltv Amanda Norquay: Good afternoon all,   I just wanted to send you all an email expressing how excited, happy, and grateful that we could get the nationals clothing sorted out this year. And it’s not just that we sorted it out, we provided quality team clothing that the   ▸

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